From one to many:
digital choice.

Digital print of yesteryear provided poor quality, bad tonal colours, and limited stock options. But today, things are different. And that's where Longridge come in. As part of our dedication to superior quality print and extended client choice, we invested in state of the art digital technology to complement our lithographic offering.

Digital technology can now provide high quality print on lithography grade paper, from high gloss to uncoated. And there's more, oh yes, much more... Digital print allows for 24-hour, on-demand printing. Just remembered that there is a client conference the day after tomorrow? Longridge can help. Times have changed, and with the quality now on offer, why wait?

Want to digitally print on any litho stock? Retain a finish that is dots per inch almost irresistibly lithographic? Want to keep all your finishing options and choice from litho, but print for short, time-sensitive runs?

Classic chrome microphone to show how metalics can improve printed works