Longridge get Web to Print

Exciting new things here at Longridge, with the introduction of our new Web-to-print service!

It is a great new way of producing print directly from a web-based interface with minimal user intervention. Our software can be used to create bespoke web sites for single or multi-vendor businesses, with options to add products of all varieties, printed or otherwise.

Advantages of our system include the ability to adapt the template artwork to accommodate generic printed matter or items unique to each individual user. Within this process, the client can order, create and approve the materials online. Orders generate a print-ready artwork file which is automatically placed in to our digital workflow, with items then being printed, packaged, and despatched to the required delivery destination. Production can be undertaken immediately once an order is approved, with consignments being shipped within hours of the initial instruction having been received.

The use of  templates allows clients to control brand management and content, as elements of each piece have the option to be set as generic or editable and can therefore remain consistent throughout a series of projects if required.

Even editable content can be configured to ensure that it maintains a uniform appearance across multiple pieces. Images as well as text matter can be made variable from one item to another, using either an on-line library of approved pictures, or with the facility to incorporate user-uploaded material.

The system is both cost, labour and time-effective once configured.

If you would like further details, please don't hesitate to get in touch.