Our Coating abilities

We're recently had the opportunity to utilise the coating unit on our
Heidelberg press on a few jobs which have fallen outside the remit of our
usual workflow, and have been really rather impressed with the results.

We've always had the opportunity to apply coatings in the form of a standard
seal, when printing on matt or silk stocks, and a specially formulated
finish for uncoated material which minimises the risk of marking on flat
sheets, or "blushing" to the edges of trimmed material, but these are our
day to day uses for the coater and lack any real visual impact.

What we have been able to do of late is to use both our high gloss and dead
matt coatings, which have proven to give us a very close approximation to
the finishes provided by conventional film laminating. In these straightened
times, not only does this remove an entire stand-alone operation from the
production process - therefore being advantageous from the perspective of
time taken - but the application of our coatings is significantly cheaper
than using standard films.

The materials on which these coatings can be applied do have to be chosen
with care to allow them to be used to their best advantage, but we have a
great deal of flexibility with the substrates that we can process and will
almost inevitably be able to come up with a combination that gives you the
effect you may be after.

From more of a design-enhancing angle, it is possible to apply any of our
in-line coatings to select areas of the printed sheet only, thus
approximating spot varnishing. Again, when done conventionally, this is a
costly and time consuming process which we can now offer to replicate for
customers with very little impact to production schedules and at a fraction
of the cost of the traditional "third party" processes.

From an environmental point of view, our coatings obviate the need to use
what are essentially plastic films to achieve certain finishes, so there
need no longer be the old conundrum of printing - for example - business
cards on an eco-friendly, fully recycled board then having to sandwich them
between layers of oil-based plastic film applied with solvent-laden
adhesives. Happy bunnies all round - from your accounts department
scrutinising the bottom line, to customers with enhanced environmental
credentials all the way to, well, actual bunnies...

It's also true to say that our partners at Heidelberg are constantly
developing new coatings which we can apply, so the range of finishes which
is available is growing all the time. So, if you fancy adding a little extra
lustre to your printing anywhere across the spectrum from subtle silk
finishes to startling high gloss punchiness, get in touch and we'll gladly
let you know what we have available for you to utilise.