Why Should Your Business Send Christmas Cards? 

Its so important to plan all promotional material in advance and naturally that applies to Christmas. It may not seem that Christmassy outside with warm autumnal weather but there are only a few weeks to go.


Also, dont forget last posting times. If you are sending greetings cards to Africa and the Middle East, they have to be posted by 3rd December.


Let Your Customers Know You Appreciate Their Business


Sending Christmas cards to your clients, customers, suppliers and employees is a great way to say, Thank You and to show how important they are to you.  They also are a really intrusive way of reminding previous customers of your business and services and of course marketing your company.


Sending Christmas cards can

       Generate Goodwill

        Build Customer Relationships

      Stimulate New Business

     Revive Old Business

        Build Brand Awareness

        Reinforce Your Bran

         Market Your Services


Personalised Cards Versus Email Cards


Sending email cards may seem a good idea as they are free and convenient but they can be mistaken as spam and they really wont be as effective as a personalised printed card with a message delivered by the postman. Clients like to display their cards and your card may stay on their desk for sometime which will reinforce your brand.


History of Sending Christmas Cards


The civil servant, Sir Henry Cole started the custom of sending Christmas cards in 1843. He had helped set-up the new Public Record Office which is now the Post Office in his role of Assistant Keeper. He was looking for ways so that ordinary people could use the new service.


With his artist friend, John Callcott Horsley, he set about designing the first Christmas card. They sold for a shilling each. It is believed that less than a thousand of these were printed. From 1860, cards were produced in greater numbers because of better printing methods. In 1870, the cost of sending a card dropped to half a penny which meant more and more people could send them.


Design Your Cards Carefully

Here at Longridge Print, we have been successfully designing and printing cards for our clients and recommend the following

High Quality Cards

Use Tasteful Images

Use Generic Holiday Themes

Make Them Personal

Sign The Cards Yourself

Personal cards are memorable and by using the right printing resource and design, they will surpass any other form of contact at this time of year.


Dont forget that most potential customers and clients will open a festive greetings card!

Sending printed Christmas cards is a profitable marketing technique for your business.


Longridge Print located in Crowborough, East Sussex is currently taking orders for printed Christmas cards and would be delighted to discuss your options. Please call us 01892 576235 or email info@longridge.net to discuss our competitive printing rates.