Higher definition.
Bigger impact.

CERTAIN PRINTED ARTIFACTS REQUIRE A little extra sharpness. Take Frank for example; his minute hairs, fine degree of tonal differentiation and precise wrinkles require a crisp print to do his good looks justice. At Longridge we wanted to create a high resolution print that would do pattern and texture justice from Frank's leathery skin to detailed wood grains.

For the past ten years, Longridge have been refining their own screening process, and are now able to provide a finish more than twice as fine as the industry standard of 175 screen ruling. Want to see it in action? Simply contact us for samples.

So what do you need to do? Well, nothing, apart from say yes. That's it. At Longridge we'll do the rest. There are no additional cost implications to use our Print HD service, just ask us where and how its use can be most effective.

If you would like to receive further samples of Print HD, email info@longridge.net

We wanted to give our customers the option to achieve higher definition imagery than was previously possible. We achieved this aim with the introduction of High Definition Printing.

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