we can take your bright ideas and turn them in to reality, always with an eye to keeping price, production times and wastage down to an absolute minimum; concepts, copywriting, bespoke graphics, sourcing images and creating print-ready files – it's all part of the Longridge package


our studio has years of experience producing material which is specifically intended to work perfectly on printed media. Not everything can be guaranteed to retain its impact when used across different platforms, and we know all the tips and tricks to ensure that things look as good on a finished product as they did on your initial brief, and if they need to be updated whilst conforming to existing style guidelines. There’s a lot more to it than just copying and pasting…

we can design to any brief and produce an impactful point of sale material, enticing B2C collateral, financial reports, technical material and content to engage with any type of target demographic; everything is specifically tailored to resonate with your intended audience, not just our own 'in house’ style guidelines.


we're happy to produce material that matches your existing corporate or brand guidelines; we can hold templates and update details, location by location, for countrywide chains with multiple offices, or manage the production of bespoke printed collateral for individual members of staff within an organisation – ensuring absolute consistency of appearance across the board regardless of who might place the final production order

we'll take your existing artwork and amend or recreate it in a usable format, so updating previously printed material need not entail a complete and time-consuming re-design; we can archive all your files and recall either entire jobs or individual elements, so that a full back-catalogue is always on hand for you to dip in and out of as a live resource; printed material can be converted for on-line use, and vice versa, keeping your valuable brand identity consistent across all platforms